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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to play golf?

The first order of business is to “check – in” with the Golf Shop staff. We prefer that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled tee time. We work very hard to get players off the first tee on time for the benefit of everyone who is expecting to play at their allotted time.

We use a “Time Par” system that helps to maintain the speed of play on the golf course. While there is no hurry, it is important to keep play moving for the benefit of all players. A nine hole round of golf will take two hours or less. An 18 hole round of golf will take four hours or less. Of course, by choosing less busy times, such as early morning or mid day, you will have the best opportunity to complete your round in less time. Don’t forget to allow some time after your round for the enjoyment of our welcoming and comfortable Fresh Bistro.


I’ve just recently taken up the game of golf. What can I expect?

Players new to the game sometimes feel intimidated by the presence of other golfers or self-conscious about their ability level. This is a natural reaction because the skills required to play golf take time to develop. At Merry – Hill Golf Club, we make every effort to create a friendly environment in which you can enjoy the process of learning the game. Our staff will assist you in every way possible. We are registered as a “Beginner Friendly” golf course ideally suited to new and novice players.


That being said, improving your golf game is quite difficult without correct instruction. No matter how much you think you know about swing mechanics, posture, ball position and golf course management, a trained eye makes it easier and quicker for you to improve your skills. Taking lessons and learning how to play will increase your enjoyment of the game, allow you to see results quicker, increase your awareness on the golf course and increase the safety for yourself and for those around you. See the Golf Shop for lesson programs suitable for you.


I want to introduce a youngster to the game of golf. How old does a child have to be before they are allowed on to the golf course?

Age is only one factor in determining a child’s readiness for a real golfing experience. If a child is enthusiastic about learning the game and can maintain the pace of play, we would welcome them as our guest. Your child should be able to advance the ball from tee to green and understand the importance of speed and direction on the putting green to get the ball into the hole. We have installed “Purple Tees” on the front of every fairway to shorten the overall course length for those just learning. Please use the appropriate tee deck when playing with your young child, and encourage pace of play by:

  • Playing a scramble
  • Limiting the number of putts on the green
  • Letting them throw the ball when around the green (count it as a stroke for those keeping score)
  • Tee up their ball everywhere expect on the green


Can a person who does not play golf join me during my golf round?

We do allow “walkers” on the golf course at no charge. It is important to remember that there are risks inherent in the game (errant golf shots, for example) that must be assumed by anyone who ventures on to the golf course. If you or they require a cart for the round of golf, they will be charged a cart rental fee.


What dress code am I expected to follow when playing golf?

Golf attire is forever changing with bright colours, outrageous patterns and new styles. Please see below for what we believe is acceptable golf clothing.





Not Accepted

  • Neatly tailored collared or mock shirt
  • Bermuda style shorts or golf slacks
  • Golf/Baseball hat facing forward
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes
  • Short-sleeved shirts with inoffensive logos/slogans
  • Denim or athletic pants in good repair
  • Athletics shorts of medium length
  • Soft-soled shoes or sandals



  • Tank tops
  • Cut-off shorts
  • Ripped or offensively worn pants
  • Hard spikes








Not Accepted

  • Neatly tailored golf shirts 
  • Bermuda shorts, skorts, capris or golf slacks
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes
  • Medium length shorts
  • Soft-soled athletics shoes or sandals
  • Spaghetti strap shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Ripped or short shorts
  • Hard spikes